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28 March 2007

"Please don't spoil my day."

Spadina-University Line, Toronto, ON, 03-Mar-07

"I'm miles away."

More people than usual were asleep in the subway today. There were rows upon rows of closed eyes; so many clumps of people with nodding heads. I wondered how long they'd been on the train. What time did they wake up this morning? Maybe this is the only free moment they'll have all day. Why shouldn't they relax?

I remember my dad telling me that he'd fall asleep on the bus every now and then, but would always wake up just in time for his stop. Lavado once fell asleep on an eastbound streetcar after a night out; he didn't wake up until he reached the end of the line, in the wee hours of the morning, far away from home.

This leads me to a particular British web site, if only because of its name; I used to check its "gossip" section quite regularly. I suppose this is one of the advantages of not being able to fall asleep on public transit, or anywhere else in public, for that matter: the unintentional entertainment.

TRACK LISTING: The Beatles, "I'm Only Sleeping"

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