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29 March 2007

"Bark! Uhhhhh..."

Mister Showbiz, Innisfil, ON, 31-Mar-07

"Bark! Uhhhhh..."

I have pink eye on the brain! (Yes, that play on words was intentional, and terrible. Sorry.)

Seriously, this affliction is taking on urban-legendary proportions in my head, like some bloody hook hanging off a car door handle. It's an ingredient for a joke and almost unreal. I mean, I don't want to catch pink eye myself, and I don't wish it upon anyone, though it would be interesting to see it in person, and possibly up close.

It's fascinating! I only know it from what I believe was an episode of 3-2-1 Contact -- in which a sandwich prepared by a conjunctivitis-ridden short-order cook carries the infection to the Contact gang, putting one of them into something like a coma, and killing their poor kitty (who ate the bulk of the sandwich after the woman about to go into a coma left it unattended) -- so pink eye'd food can kill! THAT is terrifying to a young child watching PBS! (It must be noted, however, that I am not entirely certain that the pink eye fiasco was an episode of 3-2-1 Contact. I watched a LOT of television as a kid.)

Also, there was that story a friend told me about another friend going to a male strip club for her birthday. She got a lap dance! On stage! "And the man's junk was THIS close to her face!" Anyway, she had pink eye the next day, and punchline status for the rest of her life.

TRACK LISTING: Ween, "Pink Eye (On My Leg)"

[NOTE: That is Rocky, the lovely (non-bushy) Bichon Frise, in the photo above. He does NOT have pink eye.]

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