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07 March 2007

"You got to find yourself another...another piece."

Home Atari, Toronto, ON, 14-Feb-07

"Another piece
of the action!
Ow yeah!

I'm about six or seven pages into Vanity Fair's seemingly infinite article on Pat Dollard, which is probably a good place to take a break, because MAN! this fucker is IN-TENSE. He's serious like a heart attack (no joke), like the guy who says to you, "Hey, do you know what metal sounds like when it hits bone? Here, let me show you."

I don't know whose diagnosis is correct: that of his mother, who believes that he is bipolar (at least); that of his ex-wife, who is sure that his (to put it mildly) excessive drug use scrambled his brain beyond repair (and, evidently, beyond the hope of regaining lucidity); or that of his younger sister, who simply proclaims him "evil". Any of these three hypotheses seems credible, given the shit that comes out of Dollard's mouth.

I'd recommend reading the article, which is in this issue; it's fascinating, but be warned, it's LONG. It is a commitment. And speaking of commitment (ah-thankyou)...it's remarkable how Dollard appears to be EVERY SINGLE BRET EASTON ELLIS CHARACTER ROLLED INTO ONE, complete with the copiously used, casually tossed-off, "dude" in place of actual names. (He was a Hollywood agent, after all.)

Oh, yes, and the fact that he is a psycho.


Simon Thibault said...

i used to subscribe to vanity fair. i would read the last page first, and then dominick dunne. i have three years of old issues sitting in a wooden box doing nothing.


Miss Imperial said...

I am the WRONG person to ask for suggestions -- you should see my collection of old magazines I rarely (RARELY) read anymore! But I can't bear to part with them...just in case...