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08 March 2007

"You'll see him in your nightmares; you'll see him in your dreams."

Hotel Senator, Saskatoon, SK, 01-Mar-06

"You'll see him in your head;
on the TV screen."

I'm sure there are many differences between Raines and Medium, but right now, the trailer for the former isn't doing much to set it apart from the latter. I know, I know: One takes place in Los Angeles, and the other takes place in Phoenix! One of them features a dude in the title role, and the other features a lady! And the lady is TOTALLY SLEEPING when she sees the dead people, and the dude isn't even sure he's seeing dead people in the first place! So there.

TRACK LISTING: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, "Red Right Hand"

[NOTE: The photo above was taken a bathroom at the Hotel Senator in Saskatoon; the hotel is a lovely place with lovely staff, but when this photo was taken (around 2am), I was fairly certain that the place was haunted. Obviously, I was just creeping myself out with my own imagination...OR WAS I? I tell you, though, if any orbs had appeared in that shot, I would have FREAKED OUT. I should mention that the bouquet was a gift from my husband, who had them sent to the hotel because he was stuck in Toronto that night (it was my birthday). Awww.]

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