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09 April 2007

"I wait, anxiously, alone by the phone."

On Adelaide Street, Toronto, ON, 06-Apr-07

"How could something
so wrong be so right?"

Things I saw while having lunch with my husband and my mother:

Two older women sitting at the table in front of us, dressed like modest hippies and drinking large, frothy, cups of coffee. One of the women is studying a photocopy of a roughly sketched pie chart; the heading, in thick black lettering, proclaims, "What's Missing from The Secret."

In one of the chart's wedges I can read the word "karma", but can't make out what is written around it. I can see the other woman's face; her eyes light up.

"It's the secret about The Secret!" she exclaims, and taps the top of the paper with her spoon.

TRACK LISTING: Atlantic Starr, "Secret Lovers"

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