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10 April 2007

"Sugar and spice is just a bluff."

On Rob and Brendan's Television, Innisfil, ON, 31-Mar-07

"Come on!"

Things I saw while waiting on Queen at Bathurst for Amy and Leila:

A drag queen wearing a sweatsuit and very little make-up, storming away from a butchy woman. The butchy woman, wearing a yellow t-shirt, denim jacket and faded jeans, has a dark brown pompadour and is quite visibly drunk. The two of them stop in the middle of the street, oblivious to the traffic around them.

The drag queen points a finger at the butch. "You are messing with the wrong bitch!"

The butchy woman watches as the drag queen stomps across the street.

The butchy woman yells: "I AIN'T NO TRANNY!"

The drag queen drops her brown leather purse and beckons at the butch with her hands, then her fists.

"Oh, let's go," the drag queen snarls.

"I AIN'T NO TRANNY!" The butchy woman is wobbling slightly.

The drag queen shakes her blonde head.

"Bitch," she warns in a deep voice, picking up her purse, "if you say ONE WORD to her, I will SLICE. YOU. UP!"

TRACK LISTING: The Cramps, "What's Inside a Girl?"

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