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05 April 2007

"Now I find it's not enough."

In Rob and Brendan's Foyer, Innisfil, ON, 31-Mar-07

"It's not enough for me!"

Oh dear lord.

Note that Richards the elder has only been dead for five years. Note also that this incident bears a striking resemblance to something that happened in an episode of Six Feet Under, and how that shit seemed IMPOSSIBLE and RIDICULOUS at the time, like, WHO would try that? Oh, right -- that guy would.

(Scary thought: He may not be the first person to do this with a corpse. Now THERE is something to Google!)

Er, April Fool's! Just joking? (I suppose it would be quite amazing
-- death-defying, really -- if KR was STILL doing blow at 107 or however old he is. It's funny -- when I first read the story, my initial thought wasn't, "He did what with his dead dad?" but rather "I can't believe Keith Richards isn't off cocaine. I guess he's looking pretty good, then, considering...") A woman standing beside me on the subway was reading a blurb about the pre-disclaimer story in a free daily newspaper and her jaw just dropped RIGHT OPEN.

TRACK LISTING: Keith Richards, "Wicked as It Seems"

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