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04 April 2007

"I want to impress you."

Miniature World, Victoria, BC, 06-Mar-06

"Today and every day."

Things I saw on my way home from work today, as I walked to the streetcar stop:

A short man in a giant, bright pink, Energizer Bunny costume. Wow! He is just in time for Easter. I wish he was handing out chocolate.

The giant bunny waves to the people on the sidewalk as he passes them. Two women stop to have their pictures taken with his arms around them.

In the window of the restaurant across the street, there is a row of staff in pressed white uniforms with camera phones held high. Click! click! click! We've never seen a giant bunny in this neighbourhood before.

TRACK LISTING: Xiu Xiu, "Bunny Gamer"

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