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11 April 2007

"Simmer down; control your temper."

In the Sierra Vista Playground, Albuquerque, NM, 24-Dec-05

"Simmer down;
for the battle will be hotter."

Things I saw while riding the streetcar to work this morning:

Fifty people at the King & University westbound stop, faces understandably twisted with frustration; they have watched, seething, as two packed streetcars have left them out in the cold. None of them is able to cram into this car, either, so they must wait for the next car, which will probably be full as well. At least half of them will arrive late, no matter where they are headed.

Inside the streetcar, a woman is reading an article on a torn-out, folded-up, page of a community newspaper: WHY FILIPINO WOMEN ARE SLOW TO ANGER. A minute later, she crumples the paper into a ball and stuffs it into her tote bag.

TRACK LISTING: Bob Marley & The Wailers, "Simmer Down"

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Simon Thibault said...

love that song