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24 April 2007

"When it gets through to me, it's always new to me."

The Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR, 31-Mar-05

"It takes me out of my head."

Things I saw while walking up the street, on my way to meet PF:


I thought I saw Goddess Trish, but the woman was too heavy. I haven't seen Trish in ages. Would I have said hello?

I thought I saw Li! Of course, that would be odd, because what would she be doing away from home in the middle of the week? Anyway, this woman was too short.

I thought I saw Adam Segal, too, with longer hair and thicker frames on his glasses. I wouldn't know where to begin to look for him.

Why am I so fooled? I remember waiting for Amy and Leila a couple of weeks ago; I thought I saw them everywhere in the passing crowd of pedestrians. We were meeting after more than a year -- maybe even two or three years in Amy's case -- but I've known them for half my life, so I could never forget their faces. Yet I made these mistakes, finding them in the form of five or six different pairs of women, including a mother and her young child. I am constantly, subconsciously, turning strangers into friends.

TRACK LISTING: Foreigner, "Double Vision"


Simon Thibault said...

nice pic of Jesse.

I met him twice. Once at my record store, when he was looking for a record that his dad worked on, the 2nd when he was in town DJing in MSTRKRFT. I admire his work greatly.

I'm also enjoying all your wikipedia links.

Miss Imperial said...

Thanks, Simon! I should probably take more 35mm shots. My SLR hasn't seen any action since the tour during which this photo was taken (over TWO YEARS AGO).

Was that record featuring Jesse's dad a Steppenwolf album?

And I find it easy to link to Wikipedia but am always worried that I am basically linking to hearsay and conjecture. haha