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14 April 2007

"Your vision is right; my vision is wrong."

The Mod Club, Toronto, ON, 06-Nov-06

"I'm sorry for smudging
the air with my song."

Things we saw on the subway this morning:

A little boy, speaking very seriously in a foreign language, explaining something of great importance to his mother, who is trying not to laugh. He is making grave gestures with his tiny hands.

The boy's sister is crouched on the seat beside his mother, playing peek-a-boo with three young ladies sitting on the other side of the bench. The little girl is alternating between ducking down behind the seat and simply covering her eyes with her fingers.

Two of the young ladies smiling at the little girl are blondes; the other one, a brunette, returns her attention to the sheets of paper she holds in her hand. The page on top is a Canadian Idol Regional Audition Competitor Release Form. She uncaps a ballpoint pen and begins entering the applicable information.

The little boy, now speaking in English, is counting to twenty very slowly.

One of the young ladies, the blonde in the middle of the group, nods her head sharply; she has made a decision.

"We just have to become superstars," she tells her two friends, "so we can go wherever we want. We won't have to say please."

Ah, the life of an Idol! Speaking of which: wha?

TRACK LISTING: Leonard Cohen, "A Singer Must Die"


Anonymous said...

Wow, there he is, all grown up! (except the look sort of makes him look younger, like a clean cut but petulant teen). Also intruiguing is his bandmate with the Club M-type sweater - even with the smudgey makeup it's hard to convincingly channel whatever he is trying to channel when he is wearing a striped sweater with an attached matching neckscarf - it looks so...jaunty! Or maybe that is The Look nowadays and I just have no clue

Nirmala Basnayake said...

You are right on both counts! I didn't notice the stripe-on-stripe scarf/sweater combo before but now it is all I see. It is jaunty! and yes, very Club Monaco. I think what Ryan Malcolm is wearing is considered "The Look", or at least The Look as perceived by a hired stylist who's flipped through a few issues of Vice.

(And truly, it is unfair of me to be so scathing, considering I was once in a band that could also be, and was often, accused of sporting a very calculated, manufactured aesthetic...but I swear! we didn't have a stylist! Sam did some of our hair and, in videos, Vanessa took care of the wardrobe, but that's it! Promise! Anyway...)

I see what you mean about RM looking much younger than he did when he was just spectacles and team t-shirts. That's a good five or six years shaved off! Maybe this is the point? He is closing in on 30 (gasp!), after all.