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15 May 2007

"Can you tell me? Can you tell me?"

View from a Boardroom, Toronto, ON, 26-Oct-05

"What's going on
in the city?"

Things I saw while reading an engrossing book at lunch:

Fact! Two old guys used to be in a band together! (Well, make that one old guy and one dead guy.) I may be the last person to learn about this strange occurrence, but I am nonetheless FASCINATED.

Another fact! This famous movie was partly filmed at this not-so-famous place! Which just makes me think about, "I'm as mad as hell! I'm as mad as hell, and, and I'm not gonna take any more of your shit!" Or something like that. Really, you need to hear it coming from George Clooney when he's locked in the trunk of a car with Jennifer Lopez. He's wearing this goofy grin and she's trying not to crack up and it is awesome.

TRACK LISTING: Hanson, "In the City"

[NOTE: There is a very handy blog that offers Toronto: The Unknown City updates as well as new entries! Also, thanks to PF for the book!]

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