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16 May 2007

"Oh, you think you're so great."

Orangehouse, Munich, DE, 15-Apr-06

"Will you believe this bullshit?"

Things I saw this evening while online:

The Journey Starts Here.

I'd forgotten about this, but wow! I am certainly proud to be a part of it.

You know what, though? Fuck modesty. I am proud of a lot of the attention I received while I was in controller.controller -- mostly the good, obviously, but maybe even some of the bad, too.

I will always be proud of this review.

I am proud that the press was kind after our very first show in New York.

I may grumble about Pitchfork, but Joe Tangari favourably compared me to Debbie Harry AND David Byrne, and I will never forget that. Later, Johnny Loftus wrote that I was "halfway between diva and Guy Picciotto," which was just a ton of icing on an already huge cake.

People say things like, "This is what I will show my grandchildren," and I feel as if this stuff fits into that category. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and tell my grandchildren that "Maneater" WAS written about me, even if that's not exactly true (as in: not actually true).

I swore I would never post an entry like this, but when I saw the Journey site, I puffed up and my resolve went out the window. Damn right, I'm proud of all of it! The band worked hard and I want us to be remembered fondly -- and yeah, it's great to see it in print every now and then. Even as I hit the "Publish" button, I am embarrassed by my fit of conceitedness, but like I said, FUCK MODESTY, at least for tonight.

TRACK LISTING: Catatonia, "Bleed"

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Simon Thibault said...

Good on you.