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12 May 2007

"I went looking for a headline."

In the Break Room, Toronto, ON, 10-May-07

"Got talking to the backline;
they'd never seen the action."

Things PF and I saw as we headed to the gym to change our membership payment method:

A block of the street barricaded, with police cruisers parked nearby. We thought it might be a protest of some sort but there was nothing really happening. There was a crowd of people milling about within the closed-off area; kids and cops were posing for photos. Everyone seemed to be happy. There weren't any signs or banners. We kept moving.

Walking on the sidewalk sheltered from the construction of yet another condo building, we find ourselves behind a man speaking to a friend walking a few paces ahead. The man is lazily holding a cigarette; the friend looks back and slightly increases his pace. We realize that the man with the cigarette is not actually speaking to anyone, save himself.

As we approach the corner, the man looks back at us, then takes a sharp turn onto the road. He is walking towards a small group of police officers who are guarding the north end of the stockade.

"We're losing in Iraq!" he yells. "We're losing in Iran! Good job! GOOD JOB!"

TRACK LISTING: Midnight Oil, "Armistice Day"

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