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11 May 2007

"Well, you can't hide what's inside."

Studio E, Edmonton, AB, 30-Oct-05

"I can see right through you
and I know every reason behind
everything that you do."

Things I saw in the city today:

The same man I now see regularly when I'm standing at the corner of King & John, waiting for the light to change. He walks right up to me every time, his crosseyed stare fixed somewhere on my chest. Maybe he's just sleazy, but I'd like to think that he imagines he has the power to see into people's hearts, and the reason that he hasn't yet pushed me into traffic is because I'm still a good person, deep down.

The first time I encountered this man, his eyes were on my purse as he headed toward me. I didn't think he was about to mug me; it was more like he was psychically inspecting it, as if the window to a person's soul might also be in that person's tote bag.

TRACK LISTING: Brendan Benson, "Get It Together"

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