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17 May 2007

"What’s with all the commotion?"

Spadina Station, Toronto, ON, 17-May-07

"I swear
there’s nothing
to see here."

Things I saw on the ride to work this morning:

A blissful reduction in the amount of westbound traffic.

I know it has everything to do with buildings falling apart, and maybe a little to do with some dayworkers having already left town for the long weekend, but it is certainly a nice (and literal) change of pace for my morning commute. I suspect that most westbound passengers who board the car at the St. Andrew stop are very much in love with how quickly the 504 is running these days. To not see pedestrians lapping the streetcar as they stroll the sidewalk is heartening, you know? It's also a relief to be able to board a car that isn't packed full of commuters like a tin of angry, angry sardines.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for the eastbound passengers, not to mention eastbound automobiles, and perhaps even the people who actually need to traverse King Street past York Street from any point east of Bay. I'm sorry for the jam, fellow TTC patrons, but I am also secretly hoping that the city maintains its fear of marble blocks tumbling from the sky, at least for a few more days.

TRACK LISTING: Cursive, "A Disruption in Our Lines of Influence"

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