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31 May 2007

"I want the world to know!"

The Delawana Inn, Honey Harbour, ON, 18-Sep-05

"Got to let it show!"

Things I saw online today:

HE'S gay? You don't say!

But you know what? Better late than never. Perhaps this builds a feeling of solidarity in the queer community, something that neutrality and secretiveness simply cannot do. A man or woman's homosexuality should never cause them shame. This just seems so obvious!

On the other hand, it also seems obvious that whether a person is homosexual or not is nobody's business but that person's own. I don't know if it's any easier to be openly gay these days than it was even a decade ago, but I do think that if a person wants his or her private life to remain private, then that is his or her right. This applies to celebrities, too, no matter how much I chatter on about them.

Still, it's nice to see someone out and proud, and at least he didn't prance around off-camera acting like he was straight.

TRACK LISTING: Diana Ross, "I'm Coming Out"

[NOTE: What -- did you think that the "at least he didn't prance" link would lead you some couch-jumper?]

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