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16 July 2007

"I had a dream."

In the Apartment, Toronto, ON, 21-Jan-06

"I had an awesome dream."

Things I saw online today:

This post by /a -- but before we go any further, let's just give old AGF a hearty "Welcome Back!" and not even bother with the "Where have you been?"

Now let's move on, as his post is not actually the point of this one. Basically, his whole Kim Carnes=Rod Stewart thing reminded me of being a kid and refusing to believe that the line from "Say You, Say Me" was "I had an awesome dream." For some reason I could not comprehend the idea of an "awesome" dream, and figured that the line must be "I had an awful dream." (That I could only imagine dreams to be awful and not awesome speaks volumes, probably, and may eventually lead me to a therapist's couch, but obviously we'll have to leave those stories for later dates.)

Really, what a/'s post reminded me of was a conversation I had with Rob and Brendan and PF on Friday night. We were sitting around R&B's new living room eating angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries; "Say You, Say Me" started playing on the TV, so I felt compelled to tell them about my childhood interpretation of the "dream" line. I finished speaking in time to sing along with the lyrics in question, at which point Brendan cracked up and all I could see was a mouth full of Cool Whip, so I promptly forgot everything and started laughing at his ensuing struggle to swallow.

Anyway, "Say You, Say Me" played on the radio this morning as well, like some friendly reminder from out of the ether. Thanks, universe! I GET IT NOW.

TRACK LISTING: Lionel Richie, "Say You, Say Me"


/a said...

That photo of Gabe Kaplan makes me think that Mark Ruffalo is the perfect choice for Kotter in a remake.

Miss Imperial said...

You need to see Zodiac! Wait, maybe you have seen it, ADVANCE SCREENER. Anyway, there's some serious Ruffalo-as-Kaplan looks in that film. Also, it made "Hurdy Gurdy Man" forever creepy to me, but I like this change.

/a said...

I saw Zodiac! I drove to Brockville in a snowstorm to see it because I LOVE ROBERT DOWNEY, JR, and because the film looked good. And it was! Save for the bored teenagers behind me who were expecting a slasher flick and kept kicking my seat. Whatever happened to curfews?

Miss Imperial said...

Wow! You love RDJ a LOT! So do I. I basically saw Zodiac for the same reason. RDJ and my fascination with serial killers/true crime/cop shows. Maybe for Ruffalo (so you know the degree of Kaplan he displayed! and also Tony Clifton) and the once beloved Gyllenhaal, a little.

(This makes me think of the scene in Brokeback Mountain where Gyllenhaal is singing along to "King of the Road" and adds a tiny "yeah!" Without this there might be no love left for JG at all.)

Brian Cox and Philip Baker Hall are in it, too! I love those old men. Angry, angry Adam Goldberg is in it as well, playing a dick (SURPRISE). I like him less and less each day.

Almost forgot Dermot Mulroney. Sigh. [cue eye roll from husband]