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17 July 2007

"Strange days have found us."

Dutch Dreams, Toronto, ON, 12-May-07

"Strange days have
tracked us down."

Things I saw this evening on the way home:

Our northbound streetcar easing to a stop beside its southbound counterpart, just above Queen; both streetcars sit in the middle of the road as the drivers step down, dodge traffic, and switch places. Our new driver waves to our old driver as he settles in, adjusts the rearview mirror and pulls away, back on track. I have never seen this kind of exchange happen before but it certainly makes the ride a little more interesting.

Later, on the northbound bus, an old man with a long white beard grins widely and reads his newspaper with a large magnifying glass. No one around him pays any attention; every thought bubble declares, "We see this sort of thing all the time."

TRACK LISTING: The Doors, "Strange Days"

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