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18 July 2007

"I really pity you, and I don't want you."

In the Bedroom, Toronto, ON, 19-Jul-07

"It's so hard
to face your face!"

Things I saw today, courtesy of The Fug Girls:

Oh, good lord.

If Mary Jo Eustace is crying her heart out over this douche, I am positive that her tears will dry immediately upon seeing his look in that photo. Yikes!

Certainly Miss Jobs standing there beside him deserves half the extramarital blame, no? Unfortunately, I often forget as I am too blinded by my adoration of her officiating gay weddings. Also there was that funny, Scientologyunidentifiable cult-skewering episode of her mostly not-so-great show. I liked that episode, so obviously I am beyond help.

If it's any consolation to you guys, though, she'll probably end up looking like Amanda Lepore one day, at which point "McFugmott" will feel compelled to leave her and crawl back into the hole from whence he came. (And I don't mean Canada, jerks.) Then TS can go hang out with Heatherette (or something)! I'm not sure if this is a happy or sad future.

TRACK LISTING: The Dickies, "Hideous"

[NOTE: The image above is a detail from page 4 of "Archie in 'Happiness Is'", taken from Betty and Veronica: Double Digest Magazine No.35 (Archie Comic Publications, 1992).]

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