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27 July 2007

"Just a little more time is all we're asking for!"

In My Dad's Backyard, Gloucester, ON, 22-May-94

"'Cause just a little more time
could open closing doors."

Things I saw in a flashy sidebar ad on Gawker:

Wow. This might actually be for reals! (Also, its presence on the Gawker site is now interesting because it calls to mind this recent article, a report that suddenly appears to be more than just coincidental timing on the part of all involved.)

I don't know that The Two Coreys is long for this world (and the show hasn't even premiered yet), but I do know and am ashamed to admit that if we still had cable at home, I would probably tune in to at least one episode. Oh, sigh.

Well, happy weekend, everybody! Dream a Little Dream and don't let the goddamn, shit-sucking vampires get you down, etc etc.

(Oh, and on a slightly related, former-teen-heartthrobs note, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" is playing on the radio right now, but all I can think about is how Beverly Hills, 90210 has ruined this song for me FOREVER. Bah!)

TRACK LISTING: Corey Hart, "Never Surrender"

[NOTE: The image above is a photo of Corwin "Corey" Fox during his high school years, to carry the themes of "Corey" and "teenagers" as far as possible.]


/a said...

I'm a little confused. Is the Coreys' show truly unscripted "reality television," or is it a little more premeditated than that? The A&E site lists it as "drama." It looks a bit contrived, too. What gives?

/a said...

Also! That photo of Corwin! Holy cow!

Miss Imperial said...

Yeah, I'm confused by the "premise" of The Coreys as well. It seems to be marketed as a reality show, but that promo shot of the two of them with the lady in the middle -- and all the mugging on the faces -- gives the program the feel of a scripted sitcom. I wouldn't care if it was the latter -- that might work better for the project, actually, given the failure of Sons of Hollywood. Sometimes reality is really boring, or sometimes (as in the case of Sons' Sean Stewart) reality is a total douche that needs prearranged dialogue to mask its true ridiculousness, if only to avoid horrid, series-tanking PR.

As for Corwin, do you mean the photo I posted or the photo in his bio (lots of dreadlocks)? I am guessing the latter, but figured I should clarify.

/a said...

No, I meant the vintage photo of C. Fox. Like, wow. Dreadlocked Corey I can handle, but coming face-to-face with 1994 freaks me out a little.

Simon Thibault said...

yeah, i agree about 90210. every time i see that girl, all i can think of is her singing that song.