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07 July 2007

"A pair of eyes, a voice, a touch."

Over Easy, Toronto, ON, 07-Jul-07

"Complete surprise!"

Things I saw today, running around our apartment, bouncing around the city, laughing and shouting:


Man, Addy is developing so quickly! Soon she'll be a year old.

It's a pleasure to see how she changes and exhibits her personality. She chatted without words; threw and chased an inflatable beach ball; and built a pillow fort, tumbling about it while we and her parents watched a movie. She attempted to read a book, then watched wide-eyed with a tapping foot as a children's video rolled. We were fascinated by it all. I couldn't help staring in admiration as she played makeshift soccer with her dad and my husband like a miniature version of her athletic mother, shuttling a small plush cube back and forth across our kitchen floor without losing her balance, all the while hissing "Kih! Kih!" as she imitated our cheers of "Kick! Kick!"

Have a wonderful first birthday, Lady A, you little wonder.

In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 08-Jul-07

TRACK LISTING: Peter Gabriel, "Growing Up"


/a said...

Are you TRYING to make me cry? What a wonderful post. And I can assure you Addy had a wonderful time in your fair city. She is not yet a year and completely guileless, remember - the steady stream of giggles and smiles was heartfelt. She'll be back.

Miss Imperial said...

Well, I wasn't trying, but that would be a fun outcome, no? Anyway, I meant every word I wrote. Addy IS a wonder! We look forward to seeing her again. The giggling is great, of course, but I also enjoy her highly inquisitive facial expressions as she spots new sights. I think my mind will be officially blown once she starts using actual words to speak with us. (We could talk to her on the phone! She would be bored, no doubt, but we'd still love it.)

Oh, and I was really glad to see that the Curley-Forbes wedding web site is still up and (sort of) running, as I was able to find and use a photo of Christie!