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06 July 2007

"Talking on the phone!"

Outside the Metro Bar, Toronto, ON, 23-Jun-07

"Gotta get your own!"

Things I saw this morning on Defamer:

The Crazy, Random "Chris Rock Thing"!

I don't care what the cranky also-rans on MetaFilter have written in response. I love this story! (I'm not really sure why Laura is doing so much work for her ex-boss, but perhaps he pays her for her chores services. I should probably read more of her blog as I have no problem with her writing style. It's, er, conversational!) Also, as Laura points out, Chris Rock isn't making fun of her for the mix-up or how she approached it. Well, I suppose he could work her into his stand-up routine in the future, and be mean about it, but thus far he seems very sweet and good-humoured. Ah, Chris Rock! This makes me like you even more.

For some reason, I am not surprised that Jerry Seinfeld is a dick.

TRACK LISTING: Timbaland featuring Kelly Price and Missy Elliott, "Talking on the Phone"

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