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05 July 2007

"Pioneer is first and gives the most!"

Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, 02-Oct-05

"Same walk, same talk,
but just no heart --
that's trademark
of the Copycat."

Things I saw on Radar Online this afternoon:

Further adventures in relentless and misleading self-promotion.

Seriously, Radar? Are you guys still stomping around like you don't have another organization to thank for your "ideas"?

Perhaps you feel as if your actions won't count as rip-offs if you use Paris Hilton instead of Hillary Clinton. That might work as an argument for the defense, but in the meantime you may want to cease-and-desist the Graydon Carter smear jobs (however deserved they might be), if only to avoid twigging his attention and a copyright infringement claim in the process. Sure, Kurt Andersen has already fired the opening salvo, but Carter probably has much better and very eager lawyers.

TRACK LISTING: Gogol Bordello, "Copycat"

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