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30 July 2007

"Strangely familiar tracks are falling."

Moonbean Cafe, Toronto, ON, 30-Jul-07

"I'm glad you're here!"

Things I saw after dinner this evening, while searching for dessert with CW, SAD and PF:

Lauren R (as shown)!

I met Lauren while she was working for CFRC; it was probably three years ago, give or take a few months, and it was probably at The Grad Club, though it could very well have been at Elixir that we were first acquainted. I always called her "The Laurens" because she worked with another Lauren, but also because I didn't know her last name until tonight. This was probably unfair of me. I mean, how hard is it to ask someone for their last name so you can come up with some distinguishing nickname? (See previous paragraph.)

I think the last time I saw Lauren R was at The Grad Club as well, though again, it could have been Elixir. It was definitely about a year ago, but it might have been two years ago. I was sure that I would find the last photo I took of her among the others, but impossibly, I cannot find a single picture of LR in there. It's strange, but it makes this photo of her all the more valuable.

TRACK LISTING: Saint Etienne, "Been So Long"

[NOTE: The photo above was taken at Moonbean, where I was surprised and slightly confused to see Lauren, as I'd only ever known her to reside in Kingston. We spoke at length; she used the word "groovy" a lot, which I liked, then rang up my vegan chocolate-almond cookie to go.]

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