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31 July 2007

"You're fragile as a scene, you know."

On the Television, Toronto, ON, 03-Aug-07

"Who's your only friend, kid?"

Things I saw today on Gawker:


(Or, perhaps, Douché! Either one. The headline is cleverly great as well!)

(Kelvin-referencing tagline? Also clever and great!)

You know, sometimes on days when I am too tired and lazy to contemplate racism or my own self-hate or what have you, I am actually thankful that I am naturally brown and not some pale chick incomprehensibly desperate to appear otherwise. On that note, it just occurred to me that there are probably racists out there who slavishly use bronzer or UV radiation or just plain old sunbaths to add a little "color", as if their ranting and raving needed to appear any more ridiculous or hypocritical. HAA-ha!

TRACK LISTING: Beulah, "What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?"

[NOTE: The woman in the photo above is crazy, crazy, Edie Beale, as pictured in a scene from Grey Gardens.]

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