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24 July 2007

"Taxing all females from coast to coast!"

The Executive Inn, Kamloops, BC, 25-Oct-05

"I chill at White Castle
'cause it's the best!"

Things I saw this evening:

Something not even my love for NPH could save.

I rented this film based on its Rotten Tomatoes rating, which isn't technically high, but is pretty high for a movie of its kind. (Compare! Contrast!) I didn't hate the movie, and it's not like I didn't laugh at all -- I just couldn't keep my mind from wandering while watching (and I haven't even ever done drugs! So maybe this is the problem).

Anyway, I did come away from the viewing with a small, newfound crush on John Cho. I know! Weird, right? It wasn't the brown one! I actually found Kal Penn somewhat irritating. God, maybe I'm a self-hating South Asian or something.

TRACK LISTING: Beastie Boys, "The New Style"

[NOTE: On paper -- ie. in print interviews and selected quotes included in Wikipedia entries -- I have found KP interesting and even, on occasion, charming. I would also agree that he is quite handsome. Some might even find KP more interesting, charming and handsome than JC, but...I can't help it! The girl cannot help it.]

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