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17 August 2007

"Come on now, let me feel the gross-out!"

Science City, Toronto, ON, 19-Aug-07

"Come on!
I'll let you feel the gross-out."

Things I saw online today:

Some shit that could be fake for all I care.

I'm happy to run with this as Adam Levine has always struck me as a huge skeeve. Judging by others' happiness to run with the "story" as well, I am not the only one who thinks Levine is A GIANT DOUCHE. Blecch.

TRACK LISTING: The Vines, "Gross Out"

[NOTE: The image above is a still from the demo video for WowWee Alive Elvis . Truly, he is a wonder to behold, and must be seen to be believed.]

[UPDATE 21-Aug-07: Oh, JESUS. If you have any doubt that Levine is a horrible bore (or boor, really), take a look at this travesty. It's totally ridiculous and all, but still, don't watch it unless you are prepared to shower thoroughly afterwards.]

[UPDATE 21-Aug-07: It was a joke after all! And I still don't care!]

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