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16 August 2007

"Don't stop! Don't stop the dance."

Young Sensation, Bristol, UK, 01-Apr-06

"No -- more music!
Don't stop the dance."

Things I saw on television tonight:


It sounds totally lame to say "She's the one I wanted to win" because anyone can say that AFTER the results of a competition have been announced, but it's true! I LOVE Sabra. She's a great, deserving dancer, and in light of the previous winners, it was encouraging to think that a female -- a non-white female -- a short, non-white female (haha) -- could be the champion. Besides, it would have felt like something of a boring, easy cheat if a sibling of a previous winner or runner-up had taken the title of AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCERTM, no matter how awesome that sibling might be.

Seriously, though, so many of this year's crop was awesome. Ah! I loved them so. Jesús! Anya! Hok, so persevering! Sara, dear Sara! Hammy, hammy Dominic! Lauren, cute as a button! Pasha the gentleman (who shouldn't have placed such high value on shirtlessness -- have we learned nothing from Dmitry?)! Even you, The Dude (the Most Improved)! I will miss all of you as much as I will miss Sabra and Danny and Lacey. And oh! wait! There's more! Miss Cat (so lovely)! Wade Robson's kooky, herky-jerky routines! Guest judge Adam Shankman! Come back! Come back! I need an excuse to sit around doing nothing while eating ice cream.

Sigh. I think I need a moment.

TRACK LISTING: Bryan Ferry, "Don't Stop the Dance"

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