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06 August 2007

"Look behind you!"

Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, 09-Jun-07

"See what you've made!"

Things I saw online today:

Matt Damon is a safe bet!

Once upon a time, I liked MD (that Vanity Fair cover from 1997! The one with the bubble bath and the toothbrush! Seriously, it was kitten-levels of cuteness); shortly thereafter, I disliked MD; eventually, I settled into a mild sort of respect. I mean, at least he never rubbed on someone's (admittedly impressive) ass while lounging on a yacht in a music video, right?

These days, for some reason, my fondness for MD is slightly elevated; thus, when I see reports that he gives as good as he gets (financially, anyway), I cannot help but say, "Awww, good for you, kid!" There's not much logic behind it but hey, he was funny in The Departed! So there.

TRACK LISTING: Mastodon, "Workhorse"

[UPDATE 09-Aug-07: Ha! BRILLIANT. I'd like to think that MD has a hearty laugh every time he sees this poster (which is basically any time he enters or exits his building).]

[UPDATE 15-Aug-07: Now, see, episodes like this are why I miss cable. Thank goodness for internet replays (see below).]


Anonymous said...

I love Matt and I think is a good actor. I think he plays a creepy guy well. I heard that he was offered the part of captain kirk for pre-quel to the star trek movies,he turned it down. Now, wouldn't it have been fantastic to have Affleck play a yound spock (sp?), alongside him? :)

SBP said...

The Bourne Ultimatum was terrific. Everyone loves Matt now.

I liked the Departed, too.