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21 August 2007

"Oh! What would I do, if not for you?"

In the Living Room, Toronto, ON, 02-Jan-06

it wouldn't ring true,
if not for you."

Things I saw online today, courtesy of a Defamer article and an Ion Cinema link:

The trailer for I'm Not There.

Though I like Bob Dylan, I never thought I'd be interested in this film. Now I feel like I want to see it! Yes, I've witnessed how Todd Haynes has handled the musical biopic in the past, but despite my severe disappointment in Velvet Goldmine (and some might even call that disappointment "hate"), I can't help but be fond of Superstar (or at least the idea of Superstar, as I've never actually seen the film and will likely never see it as it's all banned and whatnot). Maybe I'm Not There won't be surprisingly boring and muddled. Er...hmmm.

(Hey! Do you think Haynes will have various musicians cover Dylan's songs for a soundtrack album, instead of just limiting the interpretations to actors? That Velvet Goldmine record was fun!)

Okay, but Far From Heaven was beautiful, right? So I'm willing to believe that Haynes can admirably tackle period pieces of any style, as opposed to just the gay ones. I don't know. I mean, there's a good chance that I'm Not There will be pretentious nonsense, but...man, Cate Blanchett is awesome, isn't she? I don't even care about Batman or The Joker and his lovely wife fiancée, all of whom I generally love. No, if I end up watching this thing, it'll probably be because of Blanchett and Blanchett alone. I'm smitten!

TRACK LISTING: Bob Dylan, "If Not for You"

[NOTE: The model in the photo at the top of this entry is my husband, who is not a Bob Dylan fan.]


Simon Thibault said...

my friend Thom saw Superstar. Lucky shit.

and yeah, if i see this, it's for cate and cate alone.

Miss Imperial said...

I wonder if I can (ahem, illegally) download the film from some source? I'll have to look into that. But how would I know it was authentic or even unedited? Hmm.