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16 January 2007

"Oh, I know it don't thrill you."

Main Boardroom, Toronto, ON, 26-Oct-06

"I hope it don't kill you."

It's been almost three full years since I last held down a "proper" job -- you know, the kind with a salary and paid vacation and (wow!) benefits. Yet it looks like, come Monday, I will reenter the working world as something other than a temp.

I'm a little nervous! It's curious how people within reach of success suddenly want to turn back; how they wish they'd never tried at all. So many of us worry that the half-open door is actually half-closed, but in the end, I suppose it's both. These two halves are what make the whole, no?

TRACK LISTING: Elvis Costello, "Welcome to the Working Week"


pf said...

such good news! i doubt those jitters will last more than 15 minutes on your first day.

(and yes, the benefits thing is nice, but you do recall that you've been covered the entire time under my plan, right? i don't want your dentist thinking your lack of check-ups is my fault in any way....)

Simon Thibault said...

do it up baby. have fun. what is it?

/a said...

Gainful employment! Congratulations! Details, please (by email, I suppose).

KKP said...

Some info please. What will you be doing?

Miss Imperial said...

PF: I do indeed recall that I've been free to visit the dentist in the two years that you've been gainfully employed in Canada (as have you, yet strangely, neither of us is rushing to make any appointments); however, these benefits are MINE! Not that I won't share them with you or combine them with yours if need be...it's just nice not to feel so, well, leechy (an aura that was difficult to shake even when I did bring home a bit of cash, meager as it was). I like being a co-breadwinner!

Simon and Andrew: Details will follow. I just don't want to jinx anything until the ink dries on the paperwork (as they say...if that's an expression at all)...