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09 February 2007

"There's music on the station."

Somewhere in Texas, 15-Mar-06

"And I'm just listening
to cold wind whistling."

I don't think this will be good for the case.

Even though it's clear that her path was determined by the choices she made and the actions she took (and wow, I couldn't possibly sound more condescending or Self-Help), it's difficult not to feel a little depressed and even guilty about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Certainly, the way she lived, an early demise always seemed like the inevitable conclusion; yet up to the minute she died (and possibly beyond), we treated her like a joke. We didn't just make fun of what she did or said, we ridiculed HER. Did her entire existence deserve to be laughed at and routinely dimissed? Even if it did, there's a great sadness about that. She's become the Marilyn Monroe of our crazy generation, hasn't she? Maybe that's what she wanted all along.

TRACK LISTING: Arcade Fire, "Cold Wind"

[NOTE: Yes, it seems quite, um, precious to eulogize Anna Nicole Smith, but this is what I'm thinking about right now. I am THAT shallow. As for Arcade Fire usage, some might feel the band is too good to be associated with her, but this is the song that started playing at the EXACT moment that I began thinking of her death, so I couldn't not make it the accompanying track.]


Simon Thibault said...

i understand. i am also obsessed with it. you and i both understand since we both read Perez daily.

Miss Imperial said...

Strangely, I haven't been keeping up with Perez at all, mainly because the images on his site are often NSFW (even the doodles, sometimes)! So I read Radar Online and, of course, Go Fug Yourself. Bitchy!