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27 March 2007

"Lightweights? I really can't stand 'em."

Newspaper Box, Toronto, ON, 25-Feb-07

"Who's gettin' messed up?"

We've just flipped the channel onto the closing bars of a Sanjaya rendition of No Doubt's "Bathwater"!

Okay -- maybe I'm going crazy/tone deaf -- but I thought he sounded fine this time. It appears that he's gaining some much-needed (real) confidence, and that this confidence is in turn strengthening his voice. He might not have been fantastic, but I believe he was on-key (although what I believe to be "on-key" shouldn't be granted much authority, honestly). That's not exactly high praise for someone participating in a singing competition, but then again, that someone isn't just anyone. He's The Malakar!

To paraphrase Simon Cowell's comment following tonight's performance: "I have a feeling that what we think doesn't matter anymore." Which reminds me -- check out Vote for the Worst! I see their point and, at the risk of seeming like an Idol killjoy, it's pretty funny that the system itself is being used to totally F the system up.

TRACK LISTING: Lady Sovereign, "Gatheration"


Rob said...

Well, what good is a system unless you can F with it? Perhaps this'll finally spell the doom for this 'show'. (Yes, I sincerely doubt it too.)

Miss Imperial said...

Agreed. I considered embedding a link, in this post, to another blog's damnation of Howard Stern (and, by association, anyone else's attempt to mess with American Idol). I wanted to be fair, include a counter-argument and all that, but couldn't quite make it fit in my entry.

However, I now regret the omission because I CANNOT FIND THIS OTHER BLOG ENTRY FOR THE LIFE OF ME. (Googling "stern malakar bully 'I like American Idol'" isn't yielding much.)

Anyway, the point of that other blog's entry was basically: just because someone doesn't like a program doesn't give them the right to take it down, especially if hundreds (or, in this case, millions) of other people enjoy it. I'm not sure if I can formulate a coherent counter-argument for this counter-argument, though my initial reaction is, "No! Come on! Why can't we F with it?" I suppose I could bring up other people's arguments that Idol is pretty much a fixed race to begin with (Vote for the Worst is one of the parties making this claim), but...bah.

I think "what good is a system unless you can F with it" is perfectly succinct. Thank you.

Sonia said...

Here's a thought: what happens when hundreds of others feel the same way about a program (or anything, like our government or something... maybe... I don't know, i'm just giving examples) as you do? Then it becomes a struggle between hundreds on the affirmative and hundreds on the negative. Historically, the side with the most money wins, which is why American Idol isn't going anywhere that Simon Cowell doesn't want it to go.
Have a nice day :P

Mat The W said...

at the beginning I wasn't digging it. but then he got to the chorus and I found it quite good. However his hair was a tad distracting...is that really shallow? I think he'll get better as the season progresses though!

Miss Imperial said...

I thought his hair was kind of a tribute to the hat Gwen Stefani wears in the video for "Underneath It All", during the biking sequence -- the sequence set to the rap/toasting solo by a female dancehall artist whom I am too lazy to Google (possibly Lady Saw) -- do you know what I mean? Anyway, I am also too lazy to Google-Image a still from that sequence so you can see for yourself.

But the bigger picture is that his crazy hairstyles will keep people talking, even if his singing gets "better" and is no longer a source of amusement/tongue-wagging. Genius! Sanjaya! (meant to be whispered as in the House of Sanjaya parody.)

Mat The W said...

gosh! your incredible knowledge for everything about anything never ceases to amaze me! ahaha yesyes I definatly see the ode to gwen's faux-hawk-helmet hair from the Underneat It All vid. and yesyes it IS Lady Saw on the track! I know exactly what you mean!

I heard disc jokeys talking about good Sanjaya on the radio the other day. I never knew there was so much controversy and discussion about him! I feel so out of the loop. =P.
But he has grown on me quite a bit I'll admit. I hope he goes far in Idol and in life!
ahaha. have a nice day =)

Miss Imperial said...

>your incredible knowledge for
>everything about anything

Yes, I believe you mean "[my] incredible knowledge for everything about nothing"...but thank you! I am ALL ABOUT trivia.

Also, I suspect you might be drunk. But! I hope you go far in life, too. I really like you, Matt (for serious)! I still crack up when I picture you playing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on the piano and singing along with it. That is still awesome.