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03 April 2007

"Your prerogative in life it seems..."

Martinez Town, Albuquerque, NM, 27-Dec-06

"...is living out
an ad man's dream."

Why would I buy the DVD of a movie, before actually seeing said movie, just because someone told me it was good? What is this impulse? Does it have something to do with my fondness for-slash-crush on the writer-director? It only faintly reminds me of a television show that I enjoy -- certainly no guarantee that I'll love this movie as much as I love that show -- so what is the deal?

This need of mine to consume is crazy! Have I switched The Gaze from my (inexplicably) beloved Butterscotch Stallion* to the Mocha Pony**? Is it always about boy-hots with me? Bah!

TRACK LISTING: The Fall, "Idiot Joy Showland"

*Thank you, Defamer!
**Thank you, Gawker!

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