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01 August 2007

"I wanna go to cool places with you!"

Koo's Art Center, Long Beach, CA, 26-Mar-05

"Cool places tonight!"

Things I saw online today:

Pam is a Troma girl!

Sure, she's married to a Troma guy, but she's made a film of her own for the company! Granted, it's not typical Troma fare, but still....

I guess it just makes me imagine that JF is one of the real cool girls in the neighbourhood, and maybe when she's not on the set she hangs out with the cool "LC" and does cool, relaxed things that don't actively court the paparazzi, and maybe if Lauren Ambrose didn't live in New York they'd all hang out together, except maybe there would be occasions when JF and LC wouldn't call LA because she might be kind of a drag, like that Saturday night when they didn't care and just went to see The Ex because, you know, whatever, right? It sounded like fun at the time.

TRACK LISTING: Sparks with Jane Wiedlin, "Cool Places"

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